Genghis Khan's Novel: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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The reluctant reader An essay about the reluctant fundamentalist. The reluctant fundamentalist is a novel trying to change the way you think about things. It’s a novel trying to make you think. It wants to spread a message and influence people. Did it succeed? In two short pages I’m going to give you an answer. The story starts when Changez meets a stranger in Lahore. He then persuades him to sit down and have tea with him. Changez immediately assumes that the stranger is an American and that he is involved with the military somehow (e.g. soldier or assassin). Instead of having a pleasantly light conversation Changez decides to tell this stranger his life story. From this point the story stops being chronological and is instead composed by flashbacks and the present. He starts of by talking about moving to New York, Princeton, Underwood Samson and Erica. His life is going great and it seems like it will continue that way. Changez then proceeds to tell him how Everything came crashing down (quite literally) with 9/11. He talks about his visit to Chile with Underwood Samson and how it’s the changing point in his life. He is finally knows who he is and who he wants to be. The name Changez is a mixture between the words change and Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan was an emperor that occupied arab/muslim civilisations. Changez changes more than any other character. He starts of as a well paid New Yorker who is ambitious and living the American dream. He’s working at Underwood

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