Genghis Khan's Violent And Strict Nature

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Did Genghis Khan’s violent and strict nature help in the growth of his empire?
In this paper, I will make connection between Genghis Khan’s violent nature and the functioning of his administration. World knows that he was a violent ruler but also possessed exceptional leadership qualities. I will try to add how Genghis Khan’s violent and strict nature actually helped him to govern and develop his empire. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What if I say that the ruler who conquered more land than any other man on the earth, who is responsible for the deaths of millions of beings, who was feared the most during his reign, who punished those severely who opposed
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It consisted of strict laws which involved punishing a thief by blows of a rod, executing a soldier who abandons his military duties, cutting hands of an aggressor and also the ban on selling and kidnapping women. He took strict measures to rigorously enforce the rules. Not only this, but he also ordered his descendants to continue to maintain the code of law. On the grounds of these laws, the Mongol empire after Genghis Khan till the fall of the empire encountered peace among people and loyalty of people towards officials and members of Khan family. If Genghis had been liberal towards the necessity of having strict laws and had not created such laws, or if he had not taken seriously the people who broke the formed laws, it had been much difficult for him and his representatives to govern as it had created chaos in the society. Ignoring the safety of women and the security of people’s property could have resulted into disturbances in his society in the absence of such law or its violation. “He insisted on the rule of law and abolished torture, but he mounted major campaigns to seek out and kill raiding bandits and terrorist assassins”(Weatherford). This made his society secure and

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