Genie The Story Of The Wild Child Essay

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Impacts of Socio-Economic Factors What are socio-economic factors? According to Chase (n.d.) “Socioeconomic factors are the social and economic experiences and realities that help mold one 's personality, attitudes, and lifestyle.” The environment in which we live can shape a child’s growth. For instance, Genie’s story provides a great example of how the environment impacts physical and mental growth in children. “Genie 's case was one of the first to put the critical period theory to the test” (Genie: The Story of the Wild Child, 2015). This essay will analyze Genie’s circumstances and identify the socio-economical factors that impact physical and motor development. Genie’s Story Genie was found at age thirteen by a social worker, after Genie’s mother reached out for services. “The …show more content…

Children look to their parent’s guidance and development. Parents are the first example and if the family environment is not healthy, the children could be subjected to a lacking strong physical development. “Effective parenting skills are fundamental to child development” (The Chief Public Health Officer 's Report, 2008). Children learn from their environment, if a child’s parent is not in the picture, children will learn from what surrounds them. For example, Genie did not speak because she was never spoken to as a child. Another factor which affected Genie is nutrition. “The effect of under nutrition on young children (ages 0-8) can be devastating and enduring” (Nutrition, 2011). Poor nutrition can lead to delay in physical development. Children develop most during the early years of life; without the proper nutrients children do not develop as

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