Genital Herpes Research Paper

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Genital Herpes is a disease that is sexually transmitted, and is in the form of wart like bumps. This disease is very common and highly contagious. This form of herpes nationwide is affecting 45 million people from ages 12 and older. Genital Herpes and other forms of herpes originated from early chimpanzees, and rodent like chipmunks. Once the disease is entered through the skin, it can become inactive and just stay there. Over time the virus can begin to be active and it will rise to the skin where it can there be spread again. If it is not detectable on the skin it can be very hard to discover if you have the disease. If you collect the disease you most likely will not have symptoms right away, symptoms will mainly occur from a couple days to a few weeks after direct contact with the virus. Sometimes you may not have any signs of a breakout for months to a few years.…show more content…
First signs of GH are cracked, sensitive skin around the genital area, but their is no pain. Over the next few days you will feel tingling and itchiness around your anal and pubic area, although these are the most common, everyday symptoms that occur… symptoms vary depending on the person. Gradually pain with arise and small blister like warts will appear and may break open then scab over and heal. Along with blisters, slight flu symptoms such as a fever with happen. If any genital fluid such as semen, vaginal fluid, or blood that comes in contact, risk of infection is high. The bumps can be on the penis or vaginal area, your thighs, and anal surface. Mostly in women, you with experience pain with the contact of urine and the blisters. Side effects of genital herpes are backaches, headaches, and fatigue. As time goes on your body builds up more immunity to the virus. Then the outbreaks may become less frequent, even stopping altogether in some

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