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Genius Hour 2 Writing Prompt: When in your life have you experienced incorrect perceptions causing misunderstandings and strife (as the victim or the perpetrator)? How was the situation handled, how should it have been handled, and how could it have been prevented? 5 paragraphs Introduction Give broad background information (I should understand what the question is without you re-writing it) to get the reader interested. Address ALL aspects of the writing prompt. Include a thesis (your main answer). This is the guide for the rest of your essay, it should be the last sentence, and address what your body paragraphs will be about. 3 body paragraphs ACE your paragraphs A = the topic sentence C in this instance would be specific examples/details…show more content…
But before she died she taught me alot i didnt see her at all but on the phone we would talk a lot and when we did she would talk to me about life her life in particular and about my grandpa who died when i was 3. When she died a month before my mom was devastated when she got the news about her grandma being sick since to her she was like a mom. So my mom wanted to go back to see her, she knew if she left she wouldn 't be able to come back but she was willing to risk it. My grandmother called us and she explained to my mom saying no matter if she came or didn 't there was no way she was going to get better and she was right. She died soon after that but because of her I realized sometimes even on our death bed we have to make the biggest sacrifices ever. My great grandma knew she wasn 't going to see my mom ever again in person but she also knew if she went back to mexico she would ruin the chances of me having a better future that my mom always talked about. Of course I miss her but I know there 's no reason to cry because she wants the…show more content…
GSA at western had changed me a lot during freshman year. They helped me come out of myself. I 'm bisexual. My parents nor my family knows since they are really religious but I know one day I 'm going to come out just like I did with my friends I know it isn 't the same but I just want to let my parents know that no matter what I 'm their daughter. All of my friends have been very supportive and being in GSA I don 't know it just makes me feel apart of something. Something bigger than myself. It makes me feel good because I know I 'm helping a bigger cause. Last year was a big step for the LGBTQ community because gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states. I hope I can continue to be a part of GSA and help more people come out

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