Genki Sushi Advertisement Analysis

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Looking at an advertisement can be really catchy sometimes. Some advertisements may include big words, prices, pictures, locations, the start of the sale and the last day of the sale is. The ad that I will be analyzing is a Genki Sushi ad. In the beginning of the advertisement the workers says “Irasshaimase!” which means welcome. After that they show food that is being delivered by a bullet express. After seeing that you will notice how some sushi is made and how they put the food on the plate. The next thing you will see is someone ordering sushi on the ipad and how it looks like. Seeing that will lead to someone putting the plate on the bullet express then seeing the bullet express taking off to deliver the food. After that you will see a little boy eating followed by his family. Lastly you will see the different locations Genki Sushi is located. First of all let’s talk…show more content…
At Genki Sushi there are different color plates that has different prices. The different color plates are yellow, green, red, silver, and black. Yellow plates are $1.90, green plates are $2.75, red plates are $3.35, silver plates are $4.35, and black plates are $5.35. Different color plates serves different types of sushi. The prices of each plate depends on the prices of each fish and seafood. For example if 1 pound of fish cost $2.99 per pound then the plate of that sushi would cost a lot more due to the cost of the fish/seafood. Another reason why they think different plates cost different prices is because the portion size of each sushi. The yellow and green plates will give you only two pieces of sushi/nigiri vs. the red black and silver plates they will give you more because it's either a bowl or a sushi that has four pieces. Genki Sushi not only serves sushi but, they do serve udon noodles, french fries, side of rice, chicken, and salad. Although the prices vary due to the different color plates, Genki Sushi is different from other

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