Genocide Dbq

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“We are in the presence of a crime without a name,” said British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The Nazis were always remembered for the killing of over six million European Jews, but at the time, there was no name for this wicked act. After the war, many of these Nazi war criminals were convicted of an act called genocide, a word that did not exist before 1944. Genocide is the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group. Genocide occurs because of many factors that trigger this cruelty. Although there are many reasons that can be considered to result in genocide, the three main reasons that result to this mass slaughter, are caused by: the authority that leads them, the ethnic tension between…show more content…
Once General Omar Bashir took over Sudan in 1989, many resistances began to rise up against the government military. This drove, “The National Islamic Front government to inflame regional tensions… conflicts increased between African farmers and many nomadic Arab tribes” (Doc G). This shows the ethnic tensions involved because the government and the resistance were two different groups of people with a different ideals. This can cause genocide because there was already a hateful passion established to each of them, and killing each other would be the best solution. (Add more stuff). After Germany’s loss in World War I, Adolf Hitler was appointed the chancellor of Germany. He blamed all the world’s problems on the Jews, and explained how they needed to be exterminated in his speech about International Jewry. During his speech, the crowd loved what he had to say, and they too believed that Jews were a menace to society. Hitler was able to persuade them that killing them would do the world a favor, which established an ethnic tension (Doc I). This shows how genocide is also a result from rivalries between different groups of people. With a heated passion, like most Germans and Nazis had, they would not think twice about exterminating the Jews, who were the root to all evil according them. (Add more…show more content…
The main reasons to why this atrocity happens in our world is because of: authority figures that lead and encourage these killers, the ethnic tension between folk, and the propaganda that is fed to everyone to make them believe that slaughtering them is the right thing to do. The authority involved in these genocides inspire these events to occur by convincing the killers that they are not the ones taking fault for their actions. One way that the authority can manipulate these people, are by taking advantage of the ethnic tension that is between the groups of people. That ethnic tension is usually the result of propaganda that is fed to at least one side, and with enough propaganda, it is very easy to cause a mass-hysteria and make them believe a certain way. It is important for the reader to learn why this heinous act occurs, so they can spread their knowledge and be able to identify when and where a leader is trying to hypnotize the people into slaughtering thousands of people; they can then put an end to something before it ever takes place. People today should learn the history and make sure that nothing like these many genocides that happened, will never happen again in the
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