A Daughter Of War By Marsha Skrypuch Summary

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I read the book, A Daughter of War, By Marsha Skrypuch. This book may be a fiction novel, however, it was based on the genocide in Turkey, that took place in 1920. The genocide took place during World War I. This novel is about a young Armenian girl and a young Armenian boy who are avoiding being killed by the Turkish government. They are desperately in love, despite being only in their early teen years. With their age comes very drastic circumstances. Since they were now considered adults, they were being deported to other countries, towns, and regions and they are fighting their way back to each other. “But was anywhere safe when you were Armenian?” (Skrypuch, 7). Firstly, Marta and Kevork were the two orphans from Armenia, and they were deported to separate cities and towns. Martha was sent from the orphanage in Turkey to live with a Turk. She then became pregnant with his child, due to the fact that he is a terrible man. The man’s first wife realized that she won’t be able to deal with her child. The first wife then decided to bring Martha back to the orphanage in Marash, where she was originally located before being deported. Martha finds her old teacher, Miss. younger, and she agrees to help Martha find Kevork and to help her terminate her pregnancy. The other lady helping a kitchen hand, who Martha called, Sarah Baji Martha…show more content…
The clothing that I wear on a day-to-day basis is jeans and a sweatshirt. I usually wear clothes I feel comfortable in and clothes that make me feel like me. In Martha’s case, she wears clothes that accustomed to her religion, place of living, and clothes that are stylish to where she lives. She usually would wear big dresses with wild colors and wild patterns. An everyday outfit in Turkey is a very different everyday outfit in the United States. “As Martha ran breathlessly toward the missionaries compound, she marveled at how odd this clothing felt.” (Skrypuch,
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