The Rohingya People: Genocide

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Why is the The Rohingya people still being genocide today in Myanmar? Rohingya is an ethic in Myanmar in which the Myanmar government consider them as stateless blocking the rights to citizenship. There is still genocide of the Rohingya people because according to the U.N. Official one thousand Rohingya men and women died by the Myanmar military forces in current times. Myanmar has a corrupted government in which we are going to learn more about. Refugees have spoken of massacres in villages, where they say the soldiers raided and burned their homes. Rohingya people who experience the attack gives us more detail of how there are still genocide in Myanmar. Further more about the genocide in Myanmar.

Rohingya people are descendants of Muslims,
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not only the government is violating human rights, but the Buddhist monks which is a big religion in Myanmar is saying that it’s ok to kill the Rohingya, the very very religion that the government officials practices. Myanmar government was seeking to get rid the country of its Muslim minority, “The government has confined more than 120,000 Rohingya men, women, and children to dozens of ill-equipped internment camps in eight townships of Rakhine State, and hundreds of thousands of others were forced out of the country, some to certain death at the hands of human traffickers.”(Smith 5). The Rohingya have to fled their home land and live in danger of the forest. They fled in fear of to be alive or…show more content…
The suffering in the camps continues unabated. Children working in a brick kiln where they earn $1 a day. Some children suffer from stomach worms and getting the treatment where the owner of the pharmacy is neither a doctor nor a pharmacist but does his best to help people. International NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders have been expelled from the camp by the government, leading to a soaring crisis in health care. The UN said “its aid agencies had been blocked from supplying life-saving supplies such as food, water and medicine to thousands of civilians in northern Rakhine State”(Radcliffe 11). People are dying but there is no hope of getting the food, water and medicine. The government blocked the organization from getting the supplies to the refugee
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