Genocide In The Rohingya

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ntroduction and Overview What is genocide? The dictionary definition of genocide, as google states, is, “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.” in 1944, the UN of Human Rights declared the term “genocide”. This term of word relates violent crimes that has been caused by different ethnic groups deliberately killing each other. Genocide also is referred as: An ethnic group forcing children to convert to their own beliefs. (map of Myanmar and neighboring countries) However, if different ethnic groups do not listen, massive killings can occur. Myanmar, also used to be known as Burma, is located in the western portion of Southeast Asia, and its neighboring countries are China, India, Thailand and Bangladesh. The current population of Myanmar is 53 million. The majority Rohingya people believe in Islam. The Rohingya are mostly located in regions as: Bangladesh and Myanmar. Today in Myanmar, over 800,000 Rohingya live in the Rakhine State, and are getting persecuted and are facing discrimination in a violent way. However, there are also Rohingya that are Buddhists and are against the Rohingya Muslims. (picture of Aung san suu kyi the de facto leader of Myanmar) In August 25, 2017, The Rohingya created an uprising against the government of Myanmar due to the discrimination and genocide occurring to the Rohingya. The government is

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