Genocide In Uganda Research Paper

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The people from Uganda have turned out to be the poorest in the world, the genocide started early but it was a really difficult time time for the individuals of this country.“Uganda is among the world’s poorest countries, with 44 percent of citizens living below the national poverty line.” They lost a lot of friends and family due to the violence the soldiers were causing. The armies showed no type of care for them, they raped the women, they would hit the men and women, they would make them suffer and starve even more than what they were already. Not only that happened, but they forced young boys into becoming soldiers themselves. “Wide-eyed toddlers held older kids’ hands. Skinny boys and girls on the verge of adolescence peered warily into roadside shadows. Some walked as far as seven miles.” The soldiers made…show more content…
They gave up, but they created camps named “protected camps” which explains itself by using the word “protected”. It was created to make them feel protected as if they actually would. They might have, but they can still be in fear. “There has been more than one accounts of genocide but a big part this one was Joseph Kony. He terrorized the Ugandan people for more than 20 years, creating armies out of the Ugandan children and not just army slaves, he even captured some kids as sex slaves. State department offered 5 million dollars to give information on his arrest.” As you can see, Kony is a terrible person for having to get kids as slaves, even sex slaves. He not only hurt them, terrorized them, kill them, kidnap them, and starve them but he did it for twenty years. He did not think that it would affect them in any way, he did not think he was doing something terrible he thought it was an amazing idea to do all this to young children, moms, and teemagers. God knows what else he did to them, but the terrible thing is that nobody did anything to force Kony to stop doing what he was doing to the children. Not even the USA until later when it
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