Genogram Analysis In Social Work

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Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate my understanding of the construction of the social history of three generations of Sallie Brown’s family displayed on the attached family genogram and ecomap (See attachments).
Goal: Reconstitute my family history portraying the learned techniques and knowledge of using genogram and ecomap mapping tools to depict my family, social history as well as depict a client’s history which may reveal some characteristics of a client’s culture, family structures and relationships. (Horejsi, 2015)
Objective: Demonstrate the task steps, process, and techniques of an ecomap and genogram as tools used in social work practice to access individual and family dynamics. This genogram will address questions such as; what beliefs, biases, and
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We consider ourselves as a typical family. Our immediate family is comprised of me, my husband, son and mother. Wyman and Sallie are retired military who are employed by the Department of the Army at Fort Riley. We enjoy quality time as a family unit, we ride to work together three days a week, attend church as a family and celebrate holidays by hosting cookouts at our home. Wyman and Semadre attend the local high school football games and enjoys their ride to and from his school daily. Semadre enjoys quality time with school mates during the after school program he attend which he appreciates his “me” time. Sallie attends Washburn University seeking a degree in the school Master of Social Work Program which provides quality time with Wyman helping with her studies. My mother has been diagnosed with dementia, has limited use of her legs; therefore, she requires a caregiver whom we hired, therefore, the caregiver prepares her breakfast, lunch, clean the house and does the laundry daily. Lastly, we are a Christian family with strong Christian values and beliefs who have roles and

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