Genogram Case Study Essay

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I asked Gerald if he knew what a genogram and ecomap were, and he responded he was unsure. I explained a genogram is similar to a family tree, and an ecomap is used to illustrate relationships between immediate family members, as well as what and who influences an individual outside of their immediate family. The patient stated, “I am not sure if I will like that”, however, he agreed to participate. The purpose of, “the genogram acts as a continuous visual reminder for all healthcare professionals [(HCPs)] involved with the patient to ‘think family’” (Wright & Leahey, 2013, p. 270). The ecomap allows HCPs to identify relationships within a family as well as supports and stressors outside of the immediate family. Gerald and I constructed both a…show more content…
(p. 272). Gerald has a history of alcohol abuse, he has been drinking since age nine and getting drunk since age eleven. He self-medicated with alcohol to make the, “inner voices go away” and lessen his, “anxiety”. I inquired if there were times he was offered alcohol while being incarcerated. Gerald revealed he last had alcohol around Christmas 2012, when there was a bottle of hand sanitizer going around on the unit. He became intoxicated, and consequently got into a physical fight with a co-inmate and got the “shit kicked out” of him. Approximately two months ago there was hand sanitizer going around the unit and Gerald stated, “it was tough but I turned it down”. I recognized his ability to refuse alcohol and chose to commend Gerald by replying, “I know it must be tough to turn down alcohol with your past history of alcohol abuse, it is a great accomplishment you have the strength to refuse alcohol”. Gerald grinned reflecting at his personal achievement and thanked

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