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In this reflection paper, the author highlights the effectiveness of constructing a genogram with a family. A genogram is a blueprint of a nuclear and extended family in order to assist clients/families in identifying themes during the family development (Frame, 2000; McCullough-Chavis, 2004). Genograms allow for clients/families to visual the functional, dysfunctional, healthy, and estranged relationships within the family unit as a whole (Frame, 2000; Peluso, 2003; Shellenberger et al., 2007) Along with identifying relationships, genograms allow for clients to visualize the disconnects, intentional and unintentional (Frame, 2000; Peluso, 2003; Shellenberger et al.,2007). Genograms allow clients/families to examine culture, health, professional,…show more content…
Genograms examine the family from three perspectives. The first genogram model is the medical model, which is the traditional model, helps identify the family’s medical history to examine the risk for specific diseases (Shellenberger et al., 2007). Utilization of the medical genogram is for education and prevention measures to combat diseases/illnesses such as but not limited hypertension, obesity, and depression, (Shellenberger et al.,…show more content…
Cultural genograms assist clinicians in developing cultural awareness and insight into diverse populations without seeming intrusive or incompetent by increasing clinician’s cultural identity (Hardy & Laszolffy, 1995; McCullough-Chavis, 2004). Cultural genograms provide the clinician with a definition of family as it relates the client especially since the definition of family is not universal (McCullough-Chavis, 2004). The third genogram is the ethical decision making model. The ethical decision-making model genogram assists clinicians in “address[ing] any underlying emotional factors that contribute to therapists’ difficulties in making decisions in accordance with ethical codes and to introduce a mechanism for assessing the family-of-origin dynamics that shape therapists’ ethical decision-making (Peluso, 2003)”. In other words, the ethical decision making model assists the clinician in seeking relevant information versus information for

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