Genomic Gattaca Biotechnology Analysis

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As our world becomes increasingly technologically advanced, biotechnology plays an increasing important aspect of our lives. Many contemporary uses of biotechnology raise ethical considerations, regarding their safety, reliability and moral concerns. The Human Genome Project gave us the ability to identify and map the complete genetic blueprint of a human. It was the world’s largest collaborative biological project and determined the sequence of chemical base pairs, including multiple variations of each gene in the human body. Understanding the human genome improved our understanding of diseases and gave us the ability to more accurately identify mutations and viruses, predict their effects and design appropriate medication. Using genomic…show more content…
In the film, a person’s genes almost completely determines a person’s destiny and while Vincent says there is “no gene for fate”, genes undoubtedly lay out the most likely future for the members in the society. The destructive consequences of biotechnology becoming an overbearing aspect of our lives is exemplified from the beginning of Vincent’s life. As a newborn, instead of being held by his parents, his blood is immediately tested to calculate the probability of his health risks in the future. This shows that in this new society, the blood and genetic makeup of a child is considered more important than the bond of love between mother and child at birth. Biotechnology, as an overbearing aspect of society, causes people to disregard many factors which make up a person such as environmental and psychological development and ambition and “invalids”, such as Vincent are immediately relegated to the lower class. This is detailed from the beginning of the film, where the sound and size of nails, skin and hair are magnified to exaggerate their importance. The twisted priorities of Gattaca’s society are also shown when Vincent, heading for a job interview, passes through a doorway that is made up of hundreds of glass bumps, distorting his image into thousands of “cells.” This use of mise-en-scene represents the magnification of the importance of genetic material, although it is the smallest element of a human being. It is clear that no matter how good the sum of one’s parts may be, they cannot be accepted in Gattaca’s society, if they were to have microscopic genetic errors. Gattaca shows that the belief that an individual 's life is solely determined by the value of their genetics, results in wasted potential, as many do not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and
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