Genpact Recruitment And Selection

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Chapter – IV
Recruitment and Selection

This chapter explains the HR function of recruitment and selection at two levels of policy integration and implementation and its
impact on organizational performance at Genpact. First, the meaning and relevance of recruitment and selection strategic integration is introduced. Secondly, the major elements of recruitment and selection integration and implementation on organizational performance are discussed. Third, the research findings are described and at the end, discussion on results is outlined

Over decades it is evident that some global sourcing organizations face a talent crunch. Genpact management claims to have anticipated the situation well in advance and re-engineered its hiring and retention
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In each of the performance parameters such as market share, profit growth, sales, employees' satisfaction and employees' productivity, the median scores are high and test statistics are significant. However, despite having high median score, the employees' turnover rate is proving to be statistically non- significant. Further, the test results describe the extent of organizational performance with each varying level of the recruitment and selection strategic integration and implementation dimensions with two percentage distribution dichotomy score. The result also shows higher score on each performance measures as well as on overall performance measures, for example, the financial performance is high at 76 per cent and low at 29.1 per cent, non-financial performance is high at 87.2 per cent and low at 23.6 per cent and overall organizational performance is high at 84.3 per cent and low at 29.9 per cent. The performance measure of market share, profit growth and sales growth patterns are broadly similar, although employees' satisfaction and employees' productivity differs from the earlier three performance measures. The lowest percentage in both, however, was found in the employees' turnover measures (18 per cent high and 10 per cent low). Therefore, the hypothesis is mainly confirmed in a way that the level of recruitment and selection policy integration is significantly correlated with organizational performance including market share, sales growth, profit, employees' productivity and employees' satisfaction level but not with employees' turnover. The results of linear regression indicate that R2
implementation is 23 per cent and 30 per cent in employees' satisfaction, 24 per
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