Essay On Genre Analysis

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Genre analysis is an approach that attempts to examine the lexico-grammatical tendencies and patterns for particular genres, incorporating discourse analysis and corpus analysis. According to this definition, we gathered 3 exemplars of celebrity interview in order to analyze them using the following criteria. 2.1. Context of Production As it was mentioned before, we are part of this ‘interview society’. This process of question-and-answer exchanges are present in our notion of democracy, police investigations, mass media, social sciences, schools,and in many other contexts. “All these social institutions trust interviews to provide the truths they need to function” (Philip Bell, 1994, p. 5). “The aim of an interview is to provide, in the interviewee’s own words, facts, reasons or opinions on a particular topic in a specific context so that…show more content…
What are you looking at? what do you see? How do they do that? (See Appendix). In Jurassic World the interviewer also asks the same: ...this scene I got those when you were on the motorcycle and the raptors are right does that scene look on set? how is that shot pulled off? I know there’re CGI (computer-generated imagery) but what do you see? how do they do that moment? This type of question was also asked in the Ant- man interview: Interviewer: the sequence when you guys are doing the train shot, how does that look on set when you like dive back, becomes small, l and that was it what are you seeing? Other contents are questions about the experience shooting the movie, for example how difficult it was using CGI (Computer-generated imagery) effects and questions about the characters and feelings while playing that
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