Gentle Yoga Essay

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Yoga is an effective means of treatment for a variety of chronic illnesses. You may not have a cure on your hands for all of these illnesses, but you will be able to reduce the symptoms greatly.
• Anxiety. Disorders that are related to stress and anxiety have some things in common, primarily that they affect your parasympathetic nervous system. Gentle yoga (hatha, yin, and restorative) are effective methods of calming your parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga helps with focusing on the now, thus letting go of anxiety and stress related to other issues.

• Heart Disease. Yoga is unique when it comes to the various forms of exercise. Consider yoga as the ultimate trifecta. The relaxed focus, slow postures, and meditative breathing that accompanies
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For anyone with insomnia, yoga can be the ultimate ally when tackling it. Any type of exercise will help to improve your sleep patterns, however, yoga does so far more efficiently. Of course, exercising directly before bed will only energize you, but gentle yoga postures before bed can ensure you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and enjoy a deeper quality of sleep.

• Cancer. Yoga is a highly efficient practice for any patients with cancer. It reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety that accompany the illness and treatment, which in turn reduces the effect of negative reactions to treatment.

• Inflammation. Gentle yoga postures are an efficient way to reduce the pain and swelling that accompanies chronic inflammation. You can opt for short daily yoga practice, or a lengthier 90 minute sessions twice a week. Studies found that the latter reduces inflammation by 25% in arthritis patients. Patients practiced yoga over a period of three months.

• Arthritis. When you consider the above points, it is no wonder that yoga improves arthritis. After all, it decreases inflammation, as well as reduces stress and depression, which are both associated with chronic disease management. Yoga is beneficial for arthritis patient’s due to the improvement of joint function, mental health, and basically, the patient’s overall
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