Gentlemen Of The Jury Analysis

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Gentlemen of the Jury I am the Defense of Mrs. Minnie Wright. She is here today and pleas not guilty to the courtroom. Mr. Wright and Mrs. Wright have been married for thirty three years and have no dependents. We, the courtroom, are here today to decide the fate of Mrs. Wright. You have heard all that the prosecutor hopes to be proven, however you have no heard all the facts. During the trail please try to keep an open mind and listen to all evidence and return a verdict of not guilty for my client, Mrs. Wright, Thank you.
(Ethos-heart) Before Minnie and John Wright tied the knot, Minnie was remembered for being young and full of innocence and happiness, however Mrs. Hale, Minnie mother, saw Minnie become timid, sad, and isolated after years
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If a woman is being abused others see it as punishment for their wrong doings and they need to take it, for Minnie it was a different story. Minnie Wright had been beaten for nearly thirty three years. Mrs. Wright actually had no rights because of her gender. Morally being abused is wrong; however in this time period it was overlooked. Found at the screen of the crime was a small bird, the bird had been strangled. The bird was Mrs. Wright only company in the house, therefore her husband killed the creature. The investigation points to Mrs. Wright becoming upset and anger with her husband after the death leading to the crime committed. Minnie Wright wanted her husband to feel not only the pain of murdered bird, but also herself. Minnie waited until the mid of night and tied the rope around her husband’s neck and strangled him just like he did to the bird. After years of neglect and emotional abuse, when her husband killed the bird she snapped and wanted him to suffer like the bird. After the crime she didn’t try to hide what she did, she waited her someone to come release her from all the pain she had been
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