Gentlemen Of The Jury: Argumentative Analysis

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Gentlemen of the Jury, before you write Miss Medea off as having been driven insane through grief and loss, some of the facts that have been presented today need to be put in order. First and foremost, homicide has occurred, and it has been done through the hand of the defendant. There is no arguing this fact; multiple witnesses have been brought forth to testify against this woman. These witnesses were present for the planning of all of the murders, and were threatened with death if they breathed a word of it. The only argument that the defense has left is to portray Medea as being insane. The question that we must ask is this; what it is that constitutes an insane individual? By definition, insanity is the inability of an individual to determine…show more content…
But let me remind you that she had her doubts. She had moments where she stopped, worried that what she was doing was wrong, and then justified it to herself. Not that what she was doing was right, but that it was a necessary wrong. Medea understood what it meant to kill her children at the time they died. She understood that it was wrong, and that she was being judged negatively by the gods. Yet that did not stop her. The woman before you is a ruthless killer, not insane, just merciless. Let me remind you that this is not the first time she has killed. No, she has not only killed her own children, and the royal family of Corinth, she is also guilty of patricide, many years ago at the behest of Jason. She was a cold blooded killer even before she came to this city. Before the events that supposedly drove her insane. Now, when you go up to drop your tokens, keep one last thing in mind. Medea did all this, caused all this, with one single goal in mind. To cause the greatest amount of pain to her ex-husband Jason as possible. This single-minded intensity is what made her kill,and commit these atrocities. Not the mad delusions of an insane individual, just hatred towards her ex-lover. Not that what Jason did was right, leaving her for Glauce, but it in no way justified killing his entire family. The defendant has killed multiple people without lawful excuse. She is deserving of whatever punishment is decided
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