Gentrification In African American Community

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In this article from the NAACP’s monthly journal Crisis, the authors highlighted how gentrification negatively affects minorities by displacement, in particular those from the African American community. Furthermore, they made the argument that this systematic force needs to end in order to combat the spread of economic inequality. To back up their claim Portland, Oregon was used to back up their thesis of gentrification hurting the economically disadvantaged, because while it is cited as being the model gentrification hub, as well as one of the more progressive cities in the nation, African Americans have continually bore the brunt of the city’s continued rapid urban redevelopment with being priced out of their own neighborhoods, such as the…show more content…
Therefore, to help fight gentrification one must also seek the causes of economic disenfranchisement. Reading this article reinforced my belief that not enough is being doing to help alleviate the needs of the poor or the working class, we as a society would rather just throw money at the problem via entitlements, grants, etc. Without even understanding the issues that are helping to expand or compound the problems, things such as institutionalized racism, the black white paradigm, minorities feeling disposed and out of place in America. These problems exist in many communities throughout the country, yet there is a tacit denial to them and it is just swept under the rug, as if we as Americans would rather ignore than confront. Gentrification is much like this, some see it as progress but to many it is the erasing of cultures that have historically being disenfranchised by those in positions of privilege. While this article focused primarily on African Americans, it has not just been this community that has suffered (albeit they have taken a brunt of it), groups such as the working poor, women, gays, Latinos, the list is endless have had to fight an uphill fight to make their voices heard and understood, and this why economic inequality, as well as the issue of gentrification need to be addressed, because the cries and concerns from the residents effected by it are valid and

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