Gentrification In America

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One of the most attractive cities in the world is a place I call “home “, here in sunny San Diego. San Diego is home to some America’s finest qualities. Beautiful beaches, a world famous Zoo, Sea World, an amusement park made out of Legos (LEGOLAND), cultural diversity, an 80 Degree winters are just a few to say the least. With all these great qualities that San Diego has to offer to its residents and visitors, there are parts of the community that are not that as appealing. As our nation moves forward, our cities around this nation must also do the same. Gentrification, as identified by the dictionary, is the process to renovate and improve (especially a house or district) so that it conforms to middle-class taste. Gentrification is being…show more content…
This process can come with the renovation of old landmarks and buildings or making new buildings where the old building once stood. The process when done correctly, has a positive outcome for community. Sometimes this process can come with scrutiny since most of the people of these higher class are white. Although there are many reason not to be for gentrification the purpose of this paper it to give my perspective on why I believe gentrification is good for communities. I believe gentrification within communities, serves a great purpose because it creates from what is dead, helps rid of what was bringing down the community , and overall make the community more pleasurable for everyone’s that encounters within…show more content…
As Thomas states in her writing “Some of the developments in Barrio Logan have been affordable housing developments, so a lot of the families that used to live in a duplex or studio [now] live in a brand new apartment with more amenities. This point illustrates the beauty in some of the homes being built and making it more afforded to stay in luxury. In Diane Palmer, book Gentrification , a Dictonary of American history, she states that “Some observers say that without gentrification, vibrant inner cities would cease to exist.”. I like what she means by this. From my personal experience I say that I see what she talking about when I go to visit a friend who live in a community like this and I must admit that it does seem very tempting to want to move to one of these communities. One of the most important reason I feel that gentrification is great to make cities more desirable is the glow that you see from the outside of the community looking in. When you see cities like Barrio Logan , you can’t help but think of the new trolley station, high rise condos, and a new shopping center which has produce jobs and resources for people within the

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