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Title: Gentrifying Chicago neighborhoods. General Purpose: To inform my audience of Gentrification in the Norther part of Chicago around the 1960s. Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will understand the meaning of gentrification, how Puerto Rican families in the Northern part of Chicago lost their homes to Gentrification, how they fought against gentrification, and how gentrification is now occurring to Mexican families in the Southern part of Chicago. Thesis: Puerto Rican families lost their homes in the 1960s when Lincoln Park was gentrified despites their best efforts, and today Mexican families are losing their homes in Pilsen to gentrification. Introduction I. Attention: What would you risk in order to continue having a home? II. Connection: If you or someone you know has ever moved into a new house two factors that were most likely considered were the price and the location of the house.…show more content…
Credibility: While living in one of Chicago’s most known gentrified areas, Lincoln Park, and taking a Latino class at DePaul University I was able to learn about the history of the neighborhood. I learned about the battle low-income Puerto Rican families lost when trying to keep their homes in Lincoln Park. Yes, you heard correctly, Lincoln Park was a Puerto Rican neighborhood. IIII. Preview: In this speech, I will begin by explaining what gentrification is along with a short background on the Lincoln Park gentrification, then I will proceed to explain how the families in these areas fought for their homes, and finally I will be discussing the gentrification that is affecting citizens of Chicago today. Body I. Gentrification is the process of renovating an area to meet the standards of a different social class, typically the upper middle class. Throughout this process the price of renting and owning a home increases while family owned businesses become bankrupt. Low-income families are left homeless and without the support of a

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