Gentrification Process

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Oscar Paris 12/5/2015 Module 7 Quiz Gentrification is a series of processes which involves the rebuilding of deteriorated areas and the accompanying of an influx of people from the middle or other affluent classes, which often entails the displacement of working class and other residents of lower stature. For an example of these processes of gentrification, I decided to Phoenix, AZ. According to the developers in the area, Phoenix’s urban environment is evolving to meet the standards of being appealing to those who wish to flock the area. There are many examples of this occurring, the Sky Harbor Airport, the Arizona Mills Mall, the scenic views of the South, Camelback, and Squaw mountains, and finally, the plethora of corporate owned buildings which…show more content…
Along with this, they see the prosperity of the city with the many commodities which line the shops of the Arizona Mills Mall, and the aforementioned corporate structures which, just like the beautiful scenery, give the city a feel which tells people that it is a city that is worth living in. However, even though the city provides positive aspects, not all is well when it comes to this gentrifying process. Different groups of people are being displaced as a result of the investment in these cities which are furthering the process, especially Hispanic communities and the urban downtrodden. Their previous immiseration compares greatly from the now, in which they have lost whole localities from the fact that these new projects are moving in. It is one of the essential cornerstones of the gentrification process, in order to make an urban area, like a city, appealing, you must deal with those elements which make it unappealing, i.e. minority groups and the poor. From this, it makes those who wish to develop these urban areas make their investments worthwhile, for an ever increasing generation of capital. Other than the economic sphere of the downsides
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