Gentrification Pros And Cons

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In the city of New Orleans, the homeless population is at an all-time high. A cause of the homeless population may be because of gentrification. Gentrification is the process of rebuilding an area, bringing in the company of middle class or well-off people, most likely throwing the poorer residents out from rising rent prices. People lose their homes after gentrification and even their jobs. The only good thing about gentrification is that it makes the city look better and attracts wealthier people to that certain area. Gentrification rebuilds the ugly and torn buildings into new and improved buildings. Most gentrification happens in areas that are poorer, and have not been treated with a lot of care. I think that gentrification should not be allowed in areas that residents cannot afford the rising rent prices or people should have the choice if it happens. When the process of gentrification happens the rent…show more content…
When gentrification happens in an area it may force that certain type of person to lose their home and have to leave away from the people they came to love. When someone makes an area their home they should be able to stay there as long as they want without rising rent prices forcing them to move out. In conclusion, gentrification should not be allowed in areas that cannot afford the rising rents or the process of gentrification should just not have rising rents. People should not have to be forced out of their homes and worry about themselves and their families because people want more money because they decide to rebuild. I do agree with the rebuilding to make the city look better but not with the rising rent prices and displacing families. Hopefully in the future the process of gentrification would change and not include rising rent prices, or people can choose if they want it in their area or

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