Gentrified Neighborhoods

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Gentrifying a once rundown neighborhood into a vibrant, more attractive environment is a trendy, urban operation that has been prevalent in Philadelphia. It has transformed the lives of many Philadelphians and the new community members that move into these neighborhoods tend to be young, wealthy, white folks. However, the former impoverished residents that are relocated and kicked out of these now newly gentrified neighborhoods are nevertheless part of the population and economic class that contribute to the landscape of the city. It is a shame to think the problem of poverty is pushed away in an apathetic manner. There should at least be a mix of housing options in these neighborhoods in order to keep the authenticity of the neighborhood. It is still critical to eradicate issues that come with impoverished neighborhoods such as violent criminal activity, drug usage, and other illegal dealings but also the underlying issues such as access to healthcare, and poor maintenance of the infrastructure and parks, and most of all diminished academic quality.…show more content…
There are advantages of gentrified neighborhoods are not in favor for the poor, needless families but for the private developers, even worse it is sponsored by large institutions and government
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