Genyornis: The Cause Of Deforestation

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There are so many ways in which humans deteriorate plant and animal populations. However Modern human interference in wildlife has not yet been able to achieve Mass extinction status. We have talked about how much of an invasive species we are and just how virulently the spread of our influence grows, but for the first time in history we are now able to destroy environments across the globe. We are quickly approaching the devastation force of that tiny speck that hit the earth and stirred up so much dust in the movie. Most of the animals and plants that we displace or otherwise burden are not quite so fragile as the Genyornis. We now occupy massive amounts of land that otherwise would have been lush forests and homeland to various Animalia.…show more content…
But our primary source of energy is doing just that. Normally this process is slowly reversed over time as plants consume atmospheric carbon, eventually die, and get buried in rock. But thanks to us, plant mass is not as strong of a carbon neutralizing force since we routinely cut down their most robust members for resources and occupy much of their premium growing real estate. In the past increased environment toxicity and global warming akin to what we are managing to do with our incredible pollution has been known to devastate portions of the population, without which, the complex ecology of the time collapses. That is just it, we don’t need to directly kill everything to evoke a mass extinction, we just need to destabilize the biological systems in place, which we are doing. The amount of green housing that we are causing on the planet is getting to be so severe that the amount of melting we are causing on the caps is starting to be a substantial figure. We have managed to raise sea levels so much that coastal cities are now in constant danger of
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