Geographic Information System Advantages And Disadvantages

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A GIS or Geographical Information System is system which depend on computer and it works to collect, manipulate, store , analysis and show all types of geographical data. And all of this systems work to insert , collect , analyze and manipulate the spatial information. Drawing good maps is usually time consuming, challenging and expensive. But nowadays, There is a new set of easy and cheap mapping materials . It can be easily used by anyone with a computer to make a map. Most of the companies have good computers and software , but the problem is about the mapmaker who doesn’t have enough knowledge, concepts and methodologies. Their maps are usually incorrect and cannot communicate easily nor effectively. Geographical information System has the ability to relate the information from several…show more content…
• It can show the relationships between the factors, populations or problems.
• It can tell where is the point which the person should concentrate on.
• it can help you better understand the area or community in which you’re working.
• It can help in designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions.
• It can show the differences over the time .
• GIS maps can affect on the policy .

Disadvantages of GIS :
As the geographical information system is an important system and it can easily used by computers , it also has some disadvantages .
• High prices.
• Bad effects if something happens in a wrong way.
• it have to be clean from the dust and moisture which caused the flashovers.

GIS applications :
As every knows that Geographical information system became one of the important uses in some sectors and it has been applied in most of them .And that’s all to help the specialists and experts for analyzing the complicated situations and collecting geospatial information. GIS has an important role in the following sectors: education, business, Natural resources, health, transportation , tourism and

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