Geographic Information Systems: Advantages And Disadvantages Of GIS

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Geographical information system refers to an automatic system for the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis and display of spatial data (Alan. 2002). GIS has both advantages and advantages. This essay will discuss the advantages of GIS and the disadvantages of GIS.
GIS stores geographical data in digital format in a computer. Very specific data can be uploaded by a user; for instance, street names, location of a site, specific dates indicating oil pipeline constructions, etcetera. GIS can be used by government, industries, land planners, home affairs, public sector offices and private users. GIS can
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GIS technology might be considered as expensive software. GIS is a computer program so when problems like power failures arise in the middle of a programmer running then all the work gets lost. It takes time to collect GIS data due to the steps and processes that are involved. Data needs to be first captured, put in a computer, transformed so that it can make sense, transferred, translated, and digitized. Since the earth is round and so there would be geographic error that will increase as you get in a larger scale. GIS layers may prompt to some exorbitant mix-ups once the property specialists are to translate the GIS delineate the plan of the designer around the utility of the GISGIS startup costs are very expensive and keeping up with technology can be an issue sometimes. It requires long processing time since it is a lot of work in itself. (Stewart and Peter.…show more content…
When working with GIS unorganized people may barter the data and end up making the whole data inappropriate and that leads to errors in processing. Training and learning GIS technology takes time because it involves how to capture data, put it into a computer, transform, transfer, translate and digitalize it.
Overall there is really a fact that GIS technology has the ability to offer both advantages and disadvantages to everyone. It can have easier, faster and effective analysis; however it requires long processing time. It saves operational costs but startup costs are a challenge. It can be used in many ways but keeping up with technology can be a challenge. When we’re looking at GIS we look at both the advantages and the disadvantages of

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