Geographical Areas In The Great Gatsby

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Different Area, Different People Geography plays an important role in establishing the characters in F. Scoot Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The characters actions, thoughts, and attitudes are based on their geographical division. The Great Gatsby is about a man who wants to complete his American dream by rekindling his love with a long lost friend. As he attempts to rekindle the love, the attitude and actions of other characters makes the dream fade away. The character’s personalities and actions derive from the different geographical divisions found in the story. The East Egg, West Egg, Mid-West, and Valley of Ashes are the different geographical divisions that give the characters their unique personalities. At the beginning of the story,…show more content…
Nick caraway is from the mid-west. He carries his moral values within him throughout his stay in New York. The mid- west is relatively fair and innocent. Nick reflects his mid-west values as he encounters ambiguous characters. His father told him to “remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had” (Fitzgerald 1). In the beginning of the story, Nick reveals how his mid-western family has install in him basic conservative values that need to be respected. As the story progresses, Nick is able to maintain his values, but is challenged because the people with him are immoral. Nick meets with Tom and Daisy who are cheaters and careless. Their attitude allows Nick to realize that he is “one of the few honest people” (Fitzgerald 59). Being honest and simple is characteristics of the mid-west. Because Nick is surrounded by immoral people, he has to remember where he comes from. The geographical division of the mid-west is reflected in Nick’s honesty and…show more content…
George and Myrtle Wilson both live in the Valley of Ashes. George’s character reflects the Valley of Ashes because he is desperate and empty. George continues to acquire Tom about the car he is planning to sale. George asks Tom, “When are you going to sell me that car?” (Fitzgerald 25). Obviously, George is desperate for the car because he needs the money. He only wants the money to make his wife happy. Sadly, Myrtle is cheating on him, revealing the moral decay of American society found in the Valley of Ashes. For Myrtle to cheat on her husband who loves her dearly, reveals how the Valley of Ashes has no moral values. Myrtle treats George poorly and uses Tom as an outlet to the rich and high class life. Myrtle tries to pretend to be something she is not. When Myrtle is with Tom, she tells him she wants a dog. Myrtle earnestly states, “I want to get one of those dogs…for the apartment” (Fitzgerald 27). Tom purchasing the dog is a way for Myrtle to feel detach from her hopeless life in the Valley of Ashes. Tom gives her a feeling of choice and freedom. The Valley of Ashes geographical division is home to people who are poor and

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