Geographical Exploration Impact

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Impact of Geographical Explorations John Doe History of Trade 547 March 25, 2016 Geographical exploration holds a very important place in the history of Europe and even in the world history. It was due to these discoveries that the world became a smaller place. By the beginning of the 15th century, big ships were built and the magnetic compass was invented. Owing to the geographical exploration and discoveries, Europeans were led to Asia, Africa and America. Thus different results were produced in different places. While America was speedily Europeanized, Asia, and Africa were affected less promptly and less deeply. Though the desire to simply explore the unknown and discover new knowledge is a typical human trait, the world’s famous explorers often lacked the funding needed for a ship, supplies, and a crew to get underway on their journeys. As a result, many turned to their respective governments which had their own desires for the exploration of new areas. Many nations were looking for goods such as silver and gold but one of the biggest reasons for exploration was the desire to find a new route for the spice and silk trades. After the discovery of the new routes, Europe secured plentiful supplies of not only old and essential articles, but also of many new ones. There was a wide and extensive market in Europe of articles such as Indian textiles and Persian carpets. Several new articles such as potatoes, chocolate, cocoa, quinine, tobacco,
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