Geographical Setting In The Great Gatsby

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What is the geographical setting? Historical setting? And social setting?How does each aspect of setting affect the story? The geographical setting is New York and Long Island (early 1920). Historical setting is 1920’s also know as the “jazz age” Social Setting is the valley of ashes, East egg, and the West egg. All the settings affect the story drastically, because it helps you with better understanding the mood of the story. Also giving a time/place in the novel better helps creating a mental picture and understand why they do certain things (dependent on the Era). Who is (are) the main character(s)? Nick- Nick is the character most invloved in the novel, the novel is told from his point of view and what he belives is to be true. Gatsby- Gatsby is the mystery man and slowly as the plot developes we seem to find more about his past and how he became the greatly rich, After he dies the story seems to still speak about him as if he is still a main character; without Gatsby this novel could not…show more content…
Daisy- She is the reason that Gatsby not only becomes rich but moves to New York city, Also she is faulty of killing Gatsby although she did not pull the trigger she also did not accept her wrong doings in that she truly killed Myrtle. Myrtle- Myrtle plays a poor Mistress, who gets stuck in the mess that is Tom and Daisy love life; Because of this she dies accidentally when Daisy hits her with a car and proceeds to continue driving. Tom- Tom is not only married to Daisy but is also secretly seeing Myrtle or formarly know as the “mistress”. He plays a big role for the Main character Gatsby as he falsely belives that Gatsby is the one that killed Myrtle in which he proceeds to tell Geroge Wilson, who shoots Gatsby. George- George is the husband of Myrtle, he is also known as the man who killed Gatsby, because belived that Gatsby was not only Myrtle’s lover but also he was her
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