Geographical Structure And Structure Of The Coca Cola Company

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The Coca-Cola Company has a ‘Tall’ Divisional Structure. The Company realizes that using a divisional structure is the best opportunity for the organization to react to the changes in its internal and external environment. And it also allow the company to maintain a level of stability. It has various divisions in different continents around the world with presidents who control each continental division. Each geographic division is further divided into sub-divisions. Therefore Coca-Cola follows both Geographical structure and Divisional structure. Coca-Cola has 5 continental divisions:
• Eurasia & Africa Group
• Europe Group
• Latin America Group
• North America Group
• Pacific Group
Fig. The organizational chart of Coca-Cola The Coca Cola Company being a global organization uses the divisional structure of work by location. Each region has a specific amount of subordinates designated to that specific region. However, the number of employees employed in one region may be different from another. There are various benefits associated with division of staff according to the geographic locations.
The Company at Global level:
• The head office of Coca-Cola is responsible for giving directions to the organization and making key decisions for the brand. One member acts as the CEO who is the figurehead of the company. Other chief executive members have other responsibilities. For example, Senior Business Executives, Chief Financial Officer, etc.

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