Geographical Tourism: The Importance Of Genealogical Tourism

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As a result of all the genealogical records now available online, one 's family tree is now traceable, in theory, at the click of a computer mouse and “it is possible to do much of the basic research in one 's living room”1). In a sense, the internet has enabled vicarious journeys to homeland and has provided a “virtual sense of identity” for the researcher. This virtual homecoming may provide a virtual reality experience but as such “is more likely to provide a spur for the “real” thing”. 2 As Carla Santos noted3, a University of Illinois expert in tourism and recreation, genealogical tourism is a one of the fastest growing niche markets in the tourism industry because it represents a conscious shift away from relaxation in order to provide opportunities for self-discovery and personal enrichment. The increase in popularity of genealogical tourism reflects current tourists ' preference for authentic, living experiences rather than the cloisted bubbles environment of all-inclusive resorts or cruises."Genealogical tourism provides an irreplaceable dimension of material reality that is missing from our postmodern society," Santos said. The Irish Diaspora 's motives of travel testify of the significance of the family/ancestral/ethnic heritage-based affection. According to Basu4 interest in family history can be understood as a response to the increasingly multicultural nature of the so called "New World" societies that absorb one 's ethnic identity gradually and inevitably

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