Geography In Dubai: Describe The Geography Of Dubai

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1) Describe the geographical location of Dubai.
First of all the original area of Dubai is 3885 square kilometers with 75 kilometers of shoreline along the Persian Gulf. The emirates of Dubai share borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast and lastly at the southeast of Dubai it share the border with Sultanate of Oman. At the western coast of Dubai is the location of the Arabian Gulf .The precise location of Dubai on the world map is precisely positioned at 25.2697° N and 55.3095° E and the current area of Dubai emirate is 4,114 km² (1,588 mi²) due to the man-made island which are the Waterfront, the three Palms, the World, the Universe, Dubailand, as well as the construction in the desert that have been created by Dubai
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In the past few years, rainfall has been light and mostly happens during the first quarter of the year. However, heavy rain is not uncommon in Dubai during the winter months, and January 2008 saw a record of 120mm (or 5") of rain falling in just 24 hours, though only during one week.
In 2007, Dubai population was one million and growing rapidly which lead to 2013 Dubai’s population stands at more than 2 million with three quarters of the population being male. The city of Dubai is made up of a multicultural society; with only 5% of local Emiratis, the rest are expatriates from all over the world as they are made up of expatriates which are the people who go there to work. The expatriate population comprises from South Asia such as India and Pakistan which cover 50% of Dubai population as they are working as cheap labor as well as filling professional positions. Other nationalities which are 23% of Dubai populations are from Iran or other Arabs countries due to the reason of after the Islamic revolution in 1979 which lead to more wealthy and educated Iranians settled in Dubai. Furthermore, because of the high demand in workers primarily in the tourism sector, many people from the Philippines, China, Indonesia and Malaysia have become residents in the city as the expatriate of
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As in 2006 it has handled almost 30 million passengers. Plus Dubai has built their second airport called Al-Maktoum International which is known also as Dubai World Central International airport which will be the largest airport in the world. At first the airport was opened on 27th June 2010 for cargo operations followed by passenger flights in October 2013. The airport is currently under expansion as once completed, this airport will be the world’s largest global gateway with capacity for more than 160 million passengers per year. It will also serve as a multi-modal logistics hub for 12 million tons of freight. This airport is also lead to another mega construction project as Dubai is going to build Dubai World Central which is a 140 km2 multiphase development of six clustered zones that includes the Dubai Logistics City (DLC), Commercial City, Residential City, Aviation City and the Golf City. Next is the Emirates Airline which is based in Dubai and was created in 1985 with only two leased aircraft but yet growing rapidly since then. Emirates Airline now flying to 140 locations all over the world with the 8 different types of aircraft which are from Boeing to Airbus with the excellent services provided to their customer such as ergonomic cabin features, comfortable

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