Advantages And Disadvantages Of Geography Of North Africa Essay

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North Africa has three geographic features these include the following the Sahara, the Atlas Mountains in the west, and the final one being the Nile and Delta river in the east. The Atlas Mountains contains a multitude of clusters as well as ranges, ridges, plateaus, and basins. These basins stretch well over more than 1,200 miles along the North African coast from the southwestern Morocco across Algeria all the way towards northeastern Tunisia. North Africa has one of the tallest peaks which is the High Atlas range in south-central Morocco, which has many snow capped peaks. South of the Atlas Mountains is the dry and largely barren expansion known as the Sahara desert. In places the desert is cut by irregular watercourses called wadis…show more content…
They have low oil prices as well as a great support system they contain a surprisingly low labor costs, this mean that the middle classes can afford services which they would only dream about in the West, making life less stressful. Also, Africa seems to be a great place to raise children. Do to there culture this is a task everybody helps out with, thus creating a natural support system that seems to be superior to even the most child-friendly western states.There are also many business opportunities within the North Africa allowing for many children within their youth to receive jobs at the youngest of ages. Another pro within area of Africa is that they have an extreme amount of water within the area as well as groups of Unidentified flowers and plants which can be used to create many cures for some of the diseases within Africa such as Tuberculosis This is an airborne disease. Hepatitis in which is a waterborne disease, Typhoid Fever which is a foodborne and waterborne disease and Meningitis This is a vector-borne disease Cholera Which is also a waterborne disease. These disease are serious but could be cured and become insignificant once we discover the new plants within the jungles of the

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