Geography's Effect On Early Civilization

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Early civilization benefited very much from geography; where there is water, there is farming, where there is farming there there are people when one person can feed more than family there is people coming together to make a city. For example Egypt, had a big agricultural benefit from the flooding of the Nile River that came very often , protection from other civilizations was created by the deserts and dangerous terrain that surrounded the kingdom of Egypt. Cities where made in places where geography was very beneficial , giving many of their citizens the natural resources they needed. Such as stone to build shelter , and water to drink , where there is water there are animals , and plenty farming . In China two large rivers, and large mountains around it made China a more insulated place . The biggest effect could also have been the way they started making a school for the kids and the way everyone got along with each other because they all respected each other equally .…show more content…
They had very rich soil, which gave humans a reason to settle in mesopotamia and begin farming. People were living in the area called the "Fertile Crescent" to take advantage of the rich soil.. Mesopotamia's rich soil helped humans to settle in one place to farm. So they wouldn't be nomads and go from place to place . This is why I think geography affected early civilization , in many other places civilization didn't begin the best because of its resources the places I named had everything a person need to live and advance in life

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