Geometric Character Analysis In 12 Angry Men

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Geometric Character Analysis After watching the movie “12 Angry Men” and watching a certain Juror ( Juror 11) the viewer would say that he likes to take notes and really pays attention to the case he is very wise and takes everything into consideration, he doesn’t talk much but when he does it is very brilliant he is a european man who is foreign to the country. He is also a watchmaker. As the I said before he takes lots of notes on the case and definitely pays attention he is very logical too. He believes he does not have to be loyal to one side and at first votes guilty then changes and votes not guilty. Dealing with shapes I believe he would be and orange and light blue circle the orange signifying his brilliance and blue signifying his care about the case. The orange signifying his intelligence and him taking notes on the case. The blue signifying his care to details about the case. He really shows he cares about the case as said on the website “” they say that “Ironically, Juror 11 may well be the most ' 'American ' ' of all of the jurors. Juror 11 has a respect for the judicial system that is informed by his experience in his old country.…show more content…
He has no sympathy and only cares about the evidence of the case. On the website i found “When Juror Eight feels sorry for the teenage defendant, who is accused of murdering his father, because of the bad lot this boy got in life, Juror Four starts fixing his hair as he is uninterested in anything except evidence. He then says, 'We 're not here to go into the reasons why slums are breeding grounds for criminals; they are. I know it. So do you. The children who come out of slum backgrounds are potential menaces to society.” He believes like the rest that slums are breeding grounds for
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