8th Class Geometry Essay

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Case Study #2
On November 29th, in this class session, there is a Japanese teacher teaching an 8th grade geometry class. I came to this conclusion because the teacher used angles and shapes, commonly used in geometry practices. Dr. Roberts explained that it is an eighth-grade classroom. There is evidence that would lead to this as well. The students seem young, but very bright. Geometry is also a common eighth or freshman year class as well. There are approximately thirty-five students attending this class. It seems to be a private school system and exact location is unknown. It appears to be a private school because the young women and men are wearing uniforms.
Instructional Aspects
Mathematical goals and objectives.
The teacher’s goal was to inform students about the area of triangles between parallel lines. His objective could be “To know the area of triangles in between parallel lines and how to apply it in a real-life example” or also “To understand the area of a triangle in relation to parallel lines.” In the video, the teacher has the students practice problems involving specific types of triangles and area so we can conclude that his objectives are about the area within triangles.
Physical environment.
In this class, there are
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The focal activity was the question involving where to put the parallel lines to maximize the shape of the lawns. The question involved area and lines. This correlates well with his goals and objectives, since the goal is to learn area of a triangle. By practicing these types of problems, the students can learn and accomplish the goals and objectives the teacher chose.The problems went well with what the teacher was trying to teach. Most of the students engaged well during the classroom problems. Several students went up to the board and explained their answer. After the students presented, the whole class clapped, creating a positive and supporting
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