Geometry Quarter Exam

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Geometry Quarter Exam 1. A. B, D, and A are all collinear. B. F, D, B, and G are one of the coplanar points shown. C. line AB. D. B. E. E, A, and C are all part of plane P. 2. 12 units. 3. A. Perpendicular bisector. B. 5. C. AE = ½ AB. D. E is the midpoint of ACBD. E. BED = CEA. 4. Combine both problems. 3x+16+2x-4=62 Combine X portions. 5x+16-4=62 Subtract. 5x+12=62 Cancel out +12. 5x=62-12 Subtract. 5x=50 Cancel out ×5. x=50÷5 Answer.…show more content…
Conditional: If fish swim, then fish need water. True. Converse: If fish need water, then fish swim.True. Inverse: If fish do not need swim, then fish do not need water.True. (Because, If fish did not swim,The fish would not survive.) Contrapositive: If fish do not need water, then fish do not swim.True. (Because, It 's hard to swim in no water.) 6. ”Congruent angles are angles that have the same measure.” (pg.29 Geometry Common Core Part 2 Book) DAC and BAE are congruent angles. 7. We know that 2x+6 equals 96. To solve this problem we must work it backwards. Given: 2x + 6 and 96 Prove: x=45 Given. 2x+6=96 Check your answer Cancel out +6. 2x=(96-6) 2×45+6 Cancel out ×2. x=90÷2…show more content…
x=45 96 8. We know that a triangle 's total perimeter is 180. To solve this problem we must first add up the two lengths we do know and subtract them from the total number perimeter (180). Given. (70+35+x)=180 Check your answer Add. 180-(70+35) 70+35+75 Subtract. 180-105 105+75 Answer. x=75 180 9.QBA and PBA are congruent triangles. ASA(Angle,Angle,Side). 10. Y X Check Your Answer. Given. 4y+8=24 7x-4=31 4×4+8 7×5-4 Cancel out +8 and -4. 24-8×4 31+4×7 16+8

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