George And Lennie Relationship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Often in literature there are lots of characters that have lots of connections. They have times where they become closer and where things happen that takes them apart. Just how in “Of mice and men” they are two characters George and Lennie that practically grew up together. George and Lennie relationship is strong where they look out for each other. Sometimes Lennie can get out of hand do things that cause them to move or relocate. George and Lennie relationships stand strong until Lennie gets out of hand and has to be dealt with for the better of their friendship.

From “Of mice and men” George and Lennie almost grew up together, George would be out in the field and Lennie would just come outside to help and from there George and Lennie started a friendship. They had a strong enough bond in each other when Lennie’s aunt died, George took him under his wing. George kept him him with him while he worked. Lennie was so big that he could handle his own work and help get things done faster. The bond they made helped them overcome being lonely.

The relationship between George and Lennie had their ups and downs, Lennie’s problems would always seem to get them in trouble. Lennie wasn’t the smartest in the world so he often needed help with his problems
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George knowing Lennie, he had to set up a plan Lennie was to mess up something again. Then that time came, Lennie Snapped a woman 's neck because she got too loud while he was stroking her hair. They found out and sure enough Lennie Listened to George and executed the plan. One Lennie left the others went to look for him. George went to the spot they planned for him to go if he messed up. George being the Friend he was, George shot him in the back of the head to put him out of his misery for all things he done, because he’s not the smartest in the world and he would just keep making mistakes that he cannot
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