George And Lennie's Relationship Essay

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In Soledad California, during the 1920’s we find George and Lennie, the two main characters. Two friends that have a very unique relationship. George is a short man with sharp features and quick wits, where as Lennie is a big man with a round face and is a just like a large child. They are lowly workers that bounce from ranch to ranch looking for work, in search of their unique american dream. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, George becomes more understanding and friendly towards Lennie through the beginning, middle and ending of the novella. In the beginning of the novella, George is very much hostile towards Lennie and looks upon him as if he has been burdened with taking care of him. George shows his thoughts towards Lennie, when he says, “ ‘Poor bastard,’ he said softly, and then went on whistling again”(8). After George threw Lennie 's dead mouse into the forest, he tells him he can 't have a dead mouse in his pocket, just so he can stroke it. Then George tells Lennie to go get some firewood, after he departs he hears Lennie looking for the mouse instead of firewood. After hearing this, he expresses his pity towards Lennie and his inability to listen. Early in the novella, George lashes out in anger towards Lennie, he says, “ ‘An whatta I got,’ George went on furiously. ‘I got you! You can 't keep a job and you…show more content…
Throughout Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, George slowly starts to become more mind and accepting of Lennie in him life. Even though George’s attitude changes over the course of the novella, in ways his attitude stays the same. George may have started to be more kind towards Lennie and not want to let him go, but he still pittys him. He always feels sorrow and compassion for Lennie 's misfortunes. Though he has always helped him, he could never help him get over his mental illness. When it came to the point that Lennie couldn 't run from him mistakes anymore, George was merciful enough to put him out himself and not
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