George Bailey: What Makes You A Person Similar To God

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What would you say if I could show you a person similar to God. Well here it go’s George Bailey is similar to God in my opinion because he saves others looks out for them and most importantly, he helps even when he’s not needed, he always get’s the job done 100%. George Bailey would always try to help others when they were troubled. George stood up for others because he thought that everyone should be treated equally, no matter who you are in life or what you do in life there will always be one person who accepts you for who you are. What I am saying is that every life matters because no matter what happens in your future you will always end up with the same result because someone had to do something to make you do that action.

George Bailey saved others and looks out for others in many difficult situations at times.George Bailey saved his brother from drowning in -30*C water, Harry Bailey could have been dead,
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There are many fantastic things that George Bailey did, but did you ever ask yourself why he would do the things he did? George Bailey was the one person in the movie with a huge dream, explore the world most importantly go to college before hand. Did George Bailey ever get to experience the joy of exploring many unique places that hed wished to go to for so long, nope because first the dad incident, then he had a wife and four lovely kids, but he never did complain because he has had and always will have a fantastic life as long as he keeps on being who George Bailey really is. George Bailey is a wonderful person because when he was transported to a universe without him, he still tried to make everyone get along. Just ending this with something positive George Bailey is just very important because we looked at an alternate universe without him and it was not pretty, we need George Bailey to stand out and be himself the fantastic and kind George we
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