George Baker Crack Research Paper

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According to a newly published review of decades of archaeological research, humans worldwide have been using psychoactive substances since prehistoric times. What started with the fermentation of wild berries and collecting mushrooms filled with psilocybin has now evolved to one of humanities biggest industries. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars each year on the research and development of pills, while at the same time a college student using household chemicals is making his own substance in his dorm room. Students, servers, doctors, soldiers, lawyers, politicians, parents, artists, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and judges were all participants in Baker’s series. Showcasing the diversity of those who have the…show more content…
Baker then manipulates each image with distortions and image overlays to further symbolize the drug. He avoids unnecessary adjustments to the eyes, to make sure the message they deliver is intact. CRACK COCAINE Baker described his night with this gentleman as “one of the most interesting”. He watched him convert cocaine into the smokable version, “Crack” which gets its name form the cracking and popping sound it makes it is being smoked. Smoking crack allows it to reach the brain more quickly and thus, albeit very short lived, it brings an intense and immediate high that lasts about fifteen minutes. He explained that he felt energy surging through his veins, accompanied with tightened alertness and sensitivity to sight, sound and touch. LSD Baker spent the day with this young woman as she was tripping out in a local park. She started her day with two hits of LSD. A substance that’s too unpredictable to be deemed safe and effective for anything. LSD causes psychosis, therefore it was banned even for pharmaceutical use. What once was associated with hippies, is now indulged by many party goers. The young woman noted the sight of intricate visuals and brightened colors, and a general heightened sense of her surroundings.
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