George Blanket: A Short Story

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George Blanket was just your average 13 year old from spaghetti Arkansas. He had a best friend, Chase, he had goods grades, and he had a hobby, making card pyramids with stamps. Like I said, completely normal. This story takes place the summer after his first year of junior high, seventh grade. This summer was like any other summer, he would go over to Chase’s house at 10:37 A.M. everyday to help him with his one chore, dusting Chase’s dad’s statue of himself. Well you see Chase’s dad was named Greg, and was and artist, he made many different things, from a pancake portrait, to a face vase. But his most prized possession was his life sized statue of himself. Greg position was exactly like that of the statue of David, but to most both Chase and George’s relief, the statue was wearing pants. After they were finished dusting the statue, they would go to lunch. They would walk the exactly 4 ½ blocks, that was exactly 158 steps, to the…show more content…
He had one of those hard boiled eggs in the forgotten refrigerator section with the sweaty packaging, three sticks of colby jack cheese, a package of zwinkies, and one of those green cow energy drinks. This particular day wasn’t any different, both best friends got exactly what they alway get, which was a little weird. This particular day though, the cool cashier was there, Zeke. Zeke played semi-pro basketball, he was actually really good, but then he tore both ACLs and his knees were no good anymore. Both the boys always felt bad for him. “Hey Zeke, How you doin’ today?” Chase chimed as they walked in. “Nothing really, just living the dream!” His tone was thick with sarcasm. Zeke was hoping any better job than a cashier at a gas station, even Mcdonald's would have been better. George not realizing the obvious disdain for his job replied, “Well I’m glad things are doing good!” Zeke could only smile, because George said that with complete sincerity. George was a little blunt, but a nice
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