George Brown: A Founding Father Of Canada

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George Brown is said to be a founding father of Canada because he was a major leader in bringing about the confederation of Canada. Brown was born on 29 November 1818 in Alloa, Scotland. In 1837 he and his family of eight immigrated to New York, The United States, and he and his father started a dry goods shop. The business went well, but his father started to contribute towards the New York Albion. His father decided to move to Canada in 1843, as moving to Canada could give him more capability to go into journalism. Together, Brown and his father founded a Presbyterian newspaper, The Banner. A year later however George Brown established the daily newspaper, The Globe. The paper was filled with editorials on politics and religious affairs. Through the paper, Brown showed his displeasure of the method of equal representation held in the government for the French and English speaking parts of the province, and showed his support of replacing it by “rep by pop,” which would certify an English speaking majority. He raged against the major influence that the French-Canadians had in the Conservative ministries of John A. Macdonald. He…show more content…
He was depressed and unhappy, and so he traveled to Britain to recover. While he was in Scotland, Brown met Anne Nelson, the daughter of a major publisher and he fell in love with her. He proposed to her promptly, within weeks, and they were married shortly after, in November 1862. The Browns would eventually have two sons and three daughters together. He continued on his travels with Anne, and went to London. While he was there, Brown changed his attitude about Canada’s future. He learned in London how tired British politicians had grown of their imposing burdens. Brown returned to Canada with new views and commitments. He declared that he had returned “with a better knowledge of public affairs and with a more ardent desire to
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