George Brown Biography

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George Brown was a famous Canadian politician who was an important part of the Confederation. He was born in Alloa, Scotland in 1818. George Brown moved to New York in 1837 and migrated to Canada from Liverpool in 1843 at the age of 18 with his father. When they arrived at Canada, they opened a dry goods shop, where George was the only assistant. George soon lost interest in the shop and became a contributor to the “New York Albion”, which was the weekly paper for the British emigrant community. He later stopped working for the Albion and made a new paper called the “Globe”.

He was the son of Peter Brown and Isabella Mackenzie. He was very close to his father. He was a believer in civil and religious liberty. George Brown was the oldest
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He was joined by Sir John A. Macdonald and George-Etienne Cartier to create to the Federal Domain of Canada. George played a major role in the Charlotte Town and Quebec debates. He carried the debates to the British Government in December 1864 and spoke inspiringly about it at the 1865 confederation debates. He also strongly agreed to help make the Senate, which is now a part of the parliament of Canada. Before the Confederation, he was a member of the Clear Grit Party (Liberals). He and Sir. John A Macdonald were rivals because of the difference in Party’s, but then joined together to create the Confederation. In December 1865, George Brown retired from the government. Sadly, George Brown died on May 9th, 1880 due to assassination. He was murdered by George Bennett, a former employee of “The Globe”. The man was fired because of intemperance and being on bail his spouse charging him with neglect. He urged George Brown to sign a letter of employment but he refused, this caused Bennett to shoot him.

The most significant memorial of George Brown is the George Brown College. The college specializes in applied arts and technology and is home to 75,000 students. The college is well known in Toronto and around the world. It’s located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The college is ranked 66th in Canada and is ranked 4210 in the world. The college shows utmost respect for George Brown because of his achievements and effort
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He had many achievements which helped the country and the future of Canada. Many people say that George Brown wasn’t a good politician and that he wasn’t like a politician at all. I highly disagree with these people due to the fact that he put a lot of effort into the confederation and he was brilliant at debates. Overall, I think that George Brown was an amazing politician and helped to create the country Canada is
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