The Impact Of George C. Wallace's Speech On The Civil Rights Movement

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People will remember the 1960’s as the year of freedom. The years that ended segregation. Although that is what people were hoping for back then, it did not necessarily happen that easily. In 1963, two very persuasive people spoke up about segregation and left a mark on peoples lives. George C. Wallace and Martin Luther King Jr. both had very strong viewpoints. Both presented a speech on the Civil Rights Movement that contained Kairos, ethos, pathos, and logos to win over their audience Wallace gave his “Segregation today…” speech in 1963, where he was pro-segregation. At this time it is believed that Wallace had changed his beliefs so that people would favor him. In 1962, Wallace runs for Governor, and while doing so, states that he is pro-segregation which actually gets him a lot of fame. Not only that, but that helped him win the race that was between him and Ryan DeGraffenried. While on the other…show more content…
He did not come a rich family, but was educated and because of his education and his knowledge in politics he was able to get really far in his career. He graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelorettes degree. He then joined the army and became a staff sergeant. It was not until 1952 when he became a circuit judge and was seen as very liberal although despite the fact that he may have changed the way he views certain aspects to get popular. King is also considered credible because his grandfather and his father were both pastors, then later King became a co-pastor with his father. King was also very educated. He graduated high school at only 15 years old and went on to graduate from Morehouse college with a degree of the Arts. Then enrolled in Boston University where he received his PhD. Then after became pastor in Montgomery, Alabama and spoke up about Civil Rights in the community. He went off to organize the first Civil Rights protest in the United
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