George Carlin's Last Words Analysis

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Of all the comedic minds to grace the world with their witty and astute observations on life, George Carlin stands as one of the most prolific of all time. With his sledgehammer wit, mastery of the English language, and brash cynicism, he carved himself a legacy not only as a comedian without peer, but as a man who transcended his profession and became more than someone who told jokes: A shockingly precise philosopher whose unique vision of life he shared with the world. With his sharp attacks on taboo institutions such as religion, politics, and American culture, Carlin provided a megaphone for the counterculture, and did so in a way that was accessible to anyone with a love for critical thought. Last Words, his posthumous memoir, follows…show more content…
In his short stint in the Air Force after high school in the 50’s (which ended in a discharge for being an unproductive airman) he defied authority on an instinctual level, and found himself drawn to hanging out with the black airmen. This being the 1950’s, they were outcasts themselves, albeit for different reasons than Carlin was. “There was a freedom to hanging with blacks that ran counter to the structured life of the military,” (62) Another example of Carlin’s loner mentality is his amiable split with his partner Jack Burns, who he worked alongside in the beginning of his career. “I didn’t want to expand my best ideas on the team. I was selfish about my creativity.” Overall, perhaps one of George Carlin’s most endearing traits is the value he placed on individuality and free thought. Throughout his long and esteemed career, he made an impact by being unashamedly himself. He didn’t bend to anyone’s will, and believed it was his duty to challenge, criticize, and blaspheme that which was considered sacred. George Carlin, through his love of the individual and his contempt of the institution, solidified his place as one of the most distinct voices of all time, and will continue to impact those who hear his message and decide that they
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