George Carlin's Use Of Comedy

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The big question that majority of the people who watch comedy is, “How can a person write comedy about serious issues without making light of the serious issue?” The answer is quite simple, because serious theme contrasted with comedy adds richness to the piece because it allows the audience to have a well-needed break from horror or grief that comes about because of the seriousness of the main theme.(I would clear this up a little, sounds confusing) While comedians will make everybody uncomfortable sooner or later, great comedians are playing a vital capacity in the public eye by holding up a mirror and constraining us to realize that we would often prefer to ignore the worst. After reviewing and reading about George Carlin, he opened up a…show more content…
In his one hour special about exposing the American government, he starts by listing all the hidden words that advertisers, government, or public announcements use to draw in the attention of people. He lists the words such as, “free demonstration, free consultation, free parking, limited time warranty, and extra free complimentary gifts.” This is just a small example of how the people are controlled with words we think actually mean “free”, but they don’t. Every time I walk into a store with a coupon, there is always a catch. If the coupon said fifty percent off, in hidden text that means on the cheapest item you have in your cart, not the whole purchase. It ticks me off that stores do that and basically forces you to buy everything you have in the cart so you don’t look stupid returning it all at the cash register. I praise Carlin for speaking the truth and relating to me about that. Carlin simply used satire with the government; he exaggerated how the government makes us believe how everything they say is true. Nothing is actually free; we pay for everything without knowing. Hence the word taxes. Carlin goes on about how fucking stupid Americans actually are. For example, he goes on to criticize how America just stole the land from Mexico and how we turned everything into a shopping mall and a bunch of dirty strip clubs. People buying things with the money they do not have,
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